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Feeding our bugs – A chat about prebiotic fibre

Would you be surprised if I were to tell you that there is a whole lovely long list of every day foods that are super good for our gut health – and only a few of them are ferments? Like many fermenters and wholefood lovers, when I started fermenting – I thought I had found [...]

Feeding our bugs – A chat about prebiotic fibre 2017-05-19T06:24:54+00:00

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I think if you dig deep enough you will find the spark that put you on your path – the thing that became the reason for what you do. I love working with food, and have worked with it in some way or another for my whole working life (nearly 20 years). To begin with I did it because I liked it and it was easy. Along the way though as I muddled along working at vegetarian cafes and organic stores I came to a point in my early 20’s where I thought – Is this what I want to do?

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