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Feeding our bugs – A chat about prebiotic fibre

Would you be surprised if I were to tell you that there is a whole lovely long list of every day foods that are super good for our gut health – and only a few of them are ferments? Like many fermenters and wholefood lovers, when I started fermenting – I thought I had found religion. I would proudly inform [...]

The art of Japanese Fermentation

   There are a few core ingredients that became a part of my ingredient ‘tool box’ from early on. It was after attending a macrobiotic cooking class in Perth many years ago that I fell in love with high quality Japanese ingredients – not coincidentally – several of these are also fermented products, rich in the earthy-salty-umami flavours that many [...]

Home-made hot chocolate mix

We are having a quiet day at home – me working at my desk, my man – working on our house, my girl – intermittently reading and watching cartoons. It is sternly overcast (enough so, that we will have to power up the generator later on to boost our house batteries, as we aren’t getting enough sunshine via the solar), [...]

Braised Autumn Vegetables

I recently sent this recipe out in my newsletter and thought that it well deserved sharing with the world too. It really is just a simple technique, infinitely changeable – and with the potential for plenty of deliciousness. This recipe stars in-season vegetables, and is a perfect vessel for bone-broth, or just as adaptable as a vegetarian dish. I made [...]

the sweet stuff

Sugar consumption is a hot topic at the moment – how much you eat, what kind you eat, have you quit it? Is it the devil? And so on. All the hype pains me and I worry about people receiving the wrong message, or as usual just a pile of mixed messages. You see, while I consider myself firmly on [...]

Lactofermented Smokey Chipotle Salsa

Having lived in the Southwest of the USA for a few years I absolutely adore the bright and spicy flavours that feature in this part of the world. Happily for me nearly all of the ingredients in this recipe are available right now at my local farmers market, and with the addition of my beloved pantry staple - chipotle powder, I can [...]

Blackberry Frangipane Tart with Coconut Sugar Pastry

October has been a busy month. Mind you, I think that I could safely say that all the months of this year have been busy, with that feeling of constant forward momentum.. All good things, many really exciting, but plenty of hard work too. When life gets busy we tend to look to shortcuts to simplify our world. All too [...]

Tales from the road…

I have just returned from teaching at the Warrumbungle Food Festival in Coonabarabran – to those who aren’t sure where that is (don’t worry, many of them don’t know where we are either) it is about a 9 hour drive south and inland from here (my home in Northern NSW) - or up and inland from Sydney and the Blue [...]

Farmers Market Kraut

My kitchen and fridge are bulging with ferments right now. These are the product of my classes from the last few weeks and the rhythm of make.ferment.teach.make.take home again.teach some more(hopefully) … and repeat… I love the frugality of fermentation and the beautiful way that you can preserve the harvest in such a vibrant and visual manner The longer that [...]

About Artisan Wholefoods

I think if you dig deep enough you will find the spark that put you on your path – the thing that became the reason for what you do. I love working with food, and have worked with it in some way or another for my whole working life (nearly 20 years). To begin with I did it because I liked it and it was easy. Along the way though as I muddled along working at vegetarian cafes and organic stores I came to a point in my early 20’s where I thought – Is this what I want to do?

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